Special Events


Mentoring Coordinator, Beth Zachary, always does a tremendous job setting up Career Day for students to learn about different career paths.  The first one of 2017 was no exception and Mrs. Zachary rocked it again.  

career day

The week of October 23-27, 2017, we celebrated Red Ribbon Week.  Each day we had a different clothing theme that staff and students wore in support of a drug free life.  A special thanks to everyone that participated and all the parents that helped their child to participate.  

crazy sock


Red Ribbon Week

Students had fun with the daily themes during Red Ribbon Week.  This week focuses on teaching our students to say no to the temptation of drugs and pressure.  

Tie dye

Principals Challenge Results

Mrs. Althaus wins the principal's challenge and Mrs. Johnson was made into a human nacho.  Students sale raffle tickets for several weeks before the Fall Carnival.  Depending on if they are in an odd or even numbered classroom, their ticket sales determine which principals wins the "challenge".  This year, Mrs. Althaus won the challenge and students got to make Mrs. Johnson into a human nacho.  

nachoAlthaus Wins

Students and their parents made Open House a great success

Students had a good time showing their parents/guardians their classrooms and samples of what they have learned so far this year.  Teachers spent time explaining classroom expectations to families and answering questions during this time.  We appreciate all of the families that joined us for this event.  Nimitz staff already knows how amazing our students are and being able to share that with families shows students just how truly amazing and special they really are.  

open house 10/2015


Students Enjoy a Visit from Tivy Students

Tivy football players, band members, cheerleaders and golden girls visit during student lunches.  They entertained the students by showing off some of their amazing talents.  They also walked around talking with students and giving them their autographs as keepsakes.  A big thank you to all of the Tivy students that visited and made our students feel special.  You are all great role models for them to look up to.  

tivy visit 10/2015