Recipes and Activities

Banana Pops
November 10, 2016

• 1 package (3.4 ounce) instant banana pudding mix
• 2 cups skim milk
• 1 banana, cut into pieces

1. Combine pudding mix and milk.
2. Add cut up banana into pudding and blend evenly.
3. Spoon enough pudding/bananas into Popsicle cups to cover bottom.
4. Periodically tap the 
cups to get any air pockets out.
5. Freeze till set and enjoy!

Grilled Cheese Roll-ups
October 30, 2015grilled cheese

8 slices of bread, crusts removed
8 slices of cheese or 1 cup+ grated cheddar
⅓ cup melted butter

  1. Using a rolling pin, roll slices of bread flat.
  2. Place one slice of cheese (or 2-3 tablespoons grated cheddar). Roll up bread & cheese (secure with a toothpick if desired).
  3. Brush the outside with melted butter (or you can quickly roll them in the butter) and place in a pan over medium heat. Turn with tongs until all sides are browned and cheese is melted

September 25, 2015

Let your child create his own 3-D community.  He'll practice map skills and learn about urban planning as he decides where to put the buildings in his town.  

MATERIALS:  paper lunch bags, newspapers, crayons or markers, black construction paper, scissors, tape

PROCEDURE:  Have your youngster think of buildings to include, such as a bank, a grocery store, a school, a library and houses.  He can make the bags into buildings by drawing doors, windows, and signs on flat bags (on the side without the flap).  For every bag that he decorates, have him stuff a second bag with newspaper.  Then, he should open each decorated bag and slide it over a stuffed bag so his "buildings" will stand up.  For the roads, he can cut black construction paper into strips and tape them together.  Finally, have your child lay out his roads and arrange buildings alongside them to make his very own town.