Just for fun

October 10, 2016


1. Color paper plates with markers
2. Glue turkey head on to T-paper tube. 
3. Staple the tube to the plate.

October 10, 2016

Everyone is a winner with these games that will show your children teamwork in action.  Try these fun games.

Lower the yardstick - Together, hold a yardstick horizontally so that everyone has one finger underneath.  Then, lower the yardstick to the ground - but if anyone's finger drops away you have to start over


September 25, 2015

A parent shares:
Between school, errands, and activities, my family spends a lot of time on the go.  I decided to use some of it for "thinking games".  

I taught my kids a game my parents used to play with me, called "Would You Rather?"  I offer two options and ask which they prefer and why.  For example, I might say, "Would you rather live near the beach or the mountains?" 

My son came up with a game he named "Three Favorites."  Someone picks a category (outfits, money, etc) and we all tell our top three choices.  My daughter thought of "What Doesn't Belong?"  We take turns naming items and asking the others to explain which the odd one out and why.  The kids especially like this game because there can be more than one "right" answer.  For example, when i named "owl," "ostrich," and "eagle," my daughter said "Ostrich because it can't fly."  My son's answer was "Owl, because it hunts at night."  

Now they want to play all the time.  I'm glad because we're having fun - and they've gotten better at thinking through their ideas.